Value Proposition

Strong Product Pipeline

The company's pipeline is comprised of molecules which are:

  • indicated for diseases with current unmet medical needs
  • chemically stable and simple to manufacture
  • superior in both efficacy and safety profiles over existing therapies
  • potentially able to receive expedited approval pathways by the FDA

Proof of Concept

The company has already registered and marketed its products in Moldova (Eastern Europe). Over 5,000 packages of Ravimig have been prescribed by leading physicians, who have received encouraging feedback.


Over 100white papers and articles have been published, documenting that the overproduction of nitric oxide has been inked to harmful effects in the human body, and is strongly believed to be responsible for numerous medical conditions including migraine, cluster headache and severe hypotension.


Innovative drugs demonstrating strong efficacy and a higher therapeutic index are expected to revolutionize the acute hypotension, migraine and cluster headache markets. The Company believes that they will replace the "older generation" of generic drugs.

Clinical Trials

The Company's lead products have already been tested in several clinical trials in Western and Eastern Europe, and are now in the middle of Phase II of the FDA approval process.

Potential New Indications

The Company is investigating new indications in key therapeutic areas for diseases or conditions that, according to the scientific literature, are caused by an overproduction of nitric oxide.


The CEO of TrioxBio is the founder and former CEO of the SK- Pharma Group, a global pharmaceutical companythat manufactures, sells and marketsgeneric pharmaceutical products in over 15 countries worldwide. At SK-Pharma he created strategic alliances with numerous generic pharmaceutical companies and generated substantial connections with Big Pharma. The company offers:

  • A team of experts with years of experience working in Lundbeck, Amgen, Merck and others.
  • Long-term established relationships with hundreds of biotech and pharmaceutical companies worldwide, including Big Pharma.

Wide knowledge of global regulatory policies and guidelines, including FDA and EMA requirements.

News & Media

August 29, 2016:

"The FDA's Office of Orphan Products Development granted TrioxBio Inc. its orphan-drug designation request of S-ethylisothiouronium diethylphosphate (MTR-107) for treatment of chronic or recurrent symptomatic intradialytic hypotension (IDH) including symptomatic hypotension in the immediate post-dialytic period."

January 17, 2016:

" TrioxBio Inc. submitted  an Orphan-drug designation request to FDA authorities for the treatment of chronic or recurrent symptomatic intradialytic hypotension (IDH)."