Nitric Oxide (NO) is an important signaling molecule that is present in many tissues and is involved in a diverse range of physiological processes. Excessive concentrations of nitric oxide are responsible for the development of hypotensive episodes and migraine and cluster headache attacks.  At the vascular level, NO produces dilatation by relaxing the smooth muscle found in the wall of blood vessels. 

TrioxBio’s lead compound, MTR-104, acts by inhibiting Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS), the enzyme that manufactures nitric oxide, and thus prevents nitric oxide-induced vasodilation.

The use of sympathomimetic drugs (vasoconstrictors) to treat hypotension often results in “overshooting” to exceedingly high hypertension, and in most cases, leads to secondary hypotension episodes. In contrast, MTR-104’s immediate-acting, moderate-lasting “ceiling effect” keeps blood pressure within normal levels.













News & Media

August 29, 2016:

"The FDA's Office of Orphan Products Development granted TrioxBio Inc. its orphan-drug designation request of S-ethylisothiouronium diethylphosphate (MTR-107) for treatment of chronic or recurrent symptomatic intradialytic hypotension (IDH) including symptomatic hypotension in the immediate post-dialytic period."

January 17, 2016:

" TrioxBio Inc. submitted  an Orphan-drug designation request to FDA authorities for the treatment of chronic or recurrent symptomatic intradialytic hypotension (IDH)."