TrioxBio employs a multi-cultural staff from a wide diversity of origins. The company employs staff members from the USA, Canada, Argentina, France, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and, of course, Israel, each one contributing his/her particular expertise and background.

Shlomo Sadoun, MS

Chief Executive Officer

Founder and former CEO of the SK-Pharma Group, a global pharmaceutical company that manufactures, sells and markets generic pharmaceutical products in over 15 countries. Shlomo brings over 10 years of experience and expertise in the pharmaceutical industry to the Company. Under his management SK-Pharma created strategic alliances with numerous pharmaceutical firms and innovative biotechnology companies and generated substantial connections with Big Pharma. He has designed and registered numerous drug patents and possesses a wide managerial knowledge of the development, manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products worldwide. At SK-Pharma, Shlomo led over 100 drug launches, from the development stage to registration and successful marketing. He holds a MS degree in global management from Salford University in Manchester, with particular focus on the public market in the U.S.


Roy Farfara, MD

Chief Medical Officer

As the founder of Prosupplier Gmbh, a pharmaceutical wholesaler company, and as founder and CEO of BHNVN Medical, Roy has 15 years of experience in the clinical and pharmaceutical fields. He has been a principal investigator/co-investigator of multiple clinical and medical device trials, concentrating on uro-proteomics research. He has also authored/co-authored papers in the medical field, has been awarded prizes and grants for basic science and clinical work, and has served as thesis advisor to tens of medical students. He did his surgical internship in urology at Bnai Zion Medical Center, Israel.


Dov Melamed, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Former Director of SciVac, an innovative Israeli biotechnology company that specializes in prophylaxis and the treatment of HBV, Dov has led the company through required regulatory processes in multiple countries, including those of the FDA. He has extensive experience in drug manufacturing, as well and in leading biotech platforms through negotiations and acquisitions with Big Pharma companies.


Axel Dessal, MBA, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Axel holds extensive experience in biomedical research and pharmaceutical services. Trained in both business administration and pharmacology in the United States, he managed the Center for Neurodegenerative and Vascular Brain Disorders at the University of Rochester, New York, before moving to Israel.


Shlomo Zakai, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Shlomo was appointed the company’s CFO in September, 2015, after having established his own accounting firm in 2004 and providing a wide range of services to both publicly traded companies and private enterprise. For nine years prior to 2004, he worked as an accountant in the hi-tech department of Kost, Forer, Gabbay & Kasierer, an independently registered public accounting firm and a member firm of Ernst & Young Global, serving as a senior manager and working with publicly traded companies on NASDAQ and in Israel. In addition to his CPA degree, he holds a B.A. in accounting from the college of Management in Rishon Lezion.


Doron Ben-Ami, MHA

Chief Strategic Officer

Doron is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of management experience, having held a wide variety of leadership roles in the multi-national pharmaceutical industry: Associate Vice President of the Eastern Europe and Israel region at Merck; Managing Director of Merck’s subsidiary in Israel; and General Manager of Lundbeck, Israel. He also serves as a valued consultant in commercial and business development for early to late stage pharma and medical device companies.


Sergey Pirogovsky

VP, Commercial Operations

Sergey has nearly 20 years executive experience in operations, planning, purchasing and logistics. He is Lieutenant Colonel in the Israeli Defense Forces Medical Corps, having held a number of executive roles including Head of Pharmacy and Medical Equipment, Head of Pharmacy Department, and Head of Pharmaceutical Procurement.